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Welcome to my website of questionable design choices and unusual taste. This site, (along with every other website on neocities) is best viewed with a compter, so if you are reading this on a phone I feel sorry for you, ok? Cool, I'm glad we got that out of the way.

I upload recipies occasionally, and have opionions on music! I enjoy cool plants, mushrooms, programming and much much more! you can read about stuff I like/dislike in the blogs section, when I add more blogs!


add an old screen overlay to the website!

I stole it from this guy, check him out! I've added him to the cool sites page. Meel from parkaction.neocities.org also uses a simlar effect, though they changed their music recently and I dont really like it anymore. ('>_>)

If it sucks be sure to let me know! we have a comment box over -----> there somewhere.


Changelog can be found here

Here I am! I uploaded a review of the lofi genre! hopefully more updates to come!


I found something cool while inputting random U.R.L.s one day, here it is! http://powerstomp.com

Powerstomp Sound Productions! here i thought i was being unique with my name, but apparently not!

changelog can be found here

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