welcome to my page!

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Visit Melonking.Net! Uranohead on neocities, cool art!


Welcome to my website of questionable design choices and unusual taste. This site, (along with every other website on neocities) is best viewed with a compter, so if you are reading this on a phone I feel sorry for you, ok? Cool, i'm glad we got that out of the way.

I upload recipies occasionally, and have opionions on music! i enjoy cool plants, mushrooms, programming and much much more! you can read about stuff I like/dislike in the blogs section, when I add more blogs!


switched from tables to Floated columns, changed the font, and added the blogs section and it's first blog!

more to come soon folks! I hopefully won't leave the site to atrophy for many months on end this time! I have a number of plans, and a fun cool tech project in the works! More to come soon!